Ana's Trip to the Dock

Ana's Trip to the Dock - Rebecca Brown

It was my daughter's school result day. Me and my husband were very excited for that day and we reached school early morning to take the result of Ana our daughter. When result was announced me and my husband got really happy as Ana came first in the class. It was surely a moment of pride of all of us. As we were coming back from school, Ana asked for ice cream. As it was her day and she scored first position in the class, we took her to a very good ice cream parlor.

While we were having ice cream, my husband received a call from dock, and the other guy on the phone told him to come over to the dock as there was some shipment that has just arrived. I judged from the mood of my husband that he didn't want to go to the dock that day as it was her daughter's day. So to make him happy I asked him that you should take us to the dock along with you so we can also see how you perform your work.

My husband got surprised for a moment, but then he asked Ana that does she want to visit her daddy's workplace? Ana is a girl always ready for outing, so she immediately said yes. We finished our ice cream and left for the dock. The dock was about 20 miles away from the ice cream parlor and it was constructed at a very remote area with almost no population. I have never been to the dock before and so do Ana.

As we arrived at the dock, my husband parked his car in front of his office and then he took us near a truck. That truck has just arrived with televisions inside them. There were few guys standing beside the truck along with the truck driver. My husband introduced us with them and then they started to unload the goods. A guy brought some big yellow equipment and placed it between tires of the truck. Ana asked his dad about that tool and he replied him that this device is used for keeping the truck in stationary position, as the truck will not move even an inch after we put that in between the ties. I asked him what is it called and he told me that it comes in truck restraint systems. Ana surely enjoyed that trip with her dad to the dock and we came back home after that truck was finished with unloading.