Another trip

Another trip - Rebecca Brown

For almost a week my son has been begging me to let him go snowboarding with his friends for a week-end. When it comes to ski or snowboarding, usually he goes with his dad or his uncle. We never allowed him to go all by himself, although he was thirteen years old. Not because he would not be capable of getting there alone, or he would not know what to do. Simply because we fear for the safety of our children.

We live in a society where everything is possible. As parents it is our duty to be the shepherd and guardian of our offspring’s. We need to protect them from the bad and teach them to do well. And by protecting them, I do not mean raising them under a crystal glass dome without any real contact of the world. Oh, no!

I have met a lot of parents that made the mistake of raising their kids in a cocoon type of environment, which was detrimental for the children. Their attempt of keeping them safe from the world lead to a new generation of teenagers disconnected from the reality, with no critical thinking or practical skills.

Anyway, that’s a different topic that I will tackle in one of my future posts. For now let’s get back to my son’s request of spending two days at Mont-Tremblant at one of his friend’s parents’ cottage.

Seeing how much he wanted to go on this short trip, and that he was willing to do anything for it, I had a change of heart. After we renegotiated all his house chores, we agreed to let him go. Obviously, not before talking with his friend’s parents on the phone a few times. I had seen his friend’s mother once or twice at the teacher parents meeting, but we never had a real chat. It was more of a formal greeting.

 What my hubby would have liked was to meet the parents, get to know them, and then only take a decision. But given that there was not much time left (only two days before the departure), we could not do that. So we had to rely on our gut, keep our fingers crossed and hope everything will be fine.

Friday morning when I dropped A. at his friend’s house, I got a chance of having a good conversation with his parents. Both of them seemed to be really lovely people. That made me feels better. They reassured me that they will keep an eye on both of the teenagers.

Saturday evening, I got a call from my son, asking me to call my brother S. because his friend had an accident. He had fallen on the slope and needed to see an Emergency Dentist Boisbriand. Imagine that I freaked out when I heard the news. Before I asked if he was fine, he added that nothing had happened to him. He added that they were cutting their trip short and they would be back to Montreal within a few hours.