Business and family don’t mix

Business and family don’t mix - Rebecca Brown

My brother in law is a constructor. Or at least that’s what he calls himself. I know he has been working in constructions for couple of years, fixing some houses, building a porch, changing water tanks and stuff like this. From what I have heard from my husband, he has opened a company and he is trying to get more customers.

What I know is that he is skilled, but he has a bad mouth, which does not really go well with business. Eight years back, his first project was to renovate my basement. My husband and him, they worked together for six weeks to fully redo our basement. The final result was outstanding, but it did not come without any sacrifices.

First, our constructor was not caring much about the cost. He was more focused on getting the “job done properly”. According to me, it could have been done properly using cheaper materials. I did not really need high-end for every single thing. Then, his schedule was also a problem. He would wake up past noon and start working around three in the afternoon, until late in the night. Obviously that didn’t work out well either since I was starting work at 6 AM.

Long story short, one week before finishing my basement project he wasn’t pleased with my tone and took off, leaving me with an unfinished washroom and two more walls to paint. Given that he was family, I still paid in full for his services. If he was a regular guy, I would not have bothered.

Anyway, that was only my side of the story. Then, there were other family members that thought that hiring him might be a good idea. His mother hired him to renovate her washroom. He never considered it a real project. It was more like a hobby or part-time hobby for him. The poor woman had bought everything and she was waiting for him to come and install it. She waited close to six months until he started, and two more for him to finish. Actually, he finished because he was forced to. My husband and their sister, both worked with him three days, so that my mother in law had her washroom ready for Xmas, when all the family was coming over.

Recently my sister in law asked him if he could recommend someone doing Water Line Repair Toronto, and he volunteered to do the work. She was surprised by his offer, but she had to refuse him. That ignited a new scandal in the family.