Day trip to Rosemere

Day trip to Rosemere - Rebecca Brown

The other day I went to see my mother in Rosemere. I haven’t been there in quite some time. The only time I went there was when she had just moved and that was during winter. I guess my mother is the only person that I know who decided to move out of island in the middle of the winter. 

Back then, my sister and I, we tried to convince her that it would be difficult for her to be all by herself in an unknown place, but that did not matter. She was determined to buy the house and move. 

Maybe she had enough of paying high property taxes or dealing with the loud busy city life. How knows?

I did not understand her choice, but I respected it. I rented a truck for her and sent my husband and my two sons to help her pack and move. I personally was not fit to do any heavy lifting or pushing stuff around. At that time, I was just recovering after my surgery. I was home for two weeks. 

A week after she moved, my husband took me to her new place. I remember it was a very cold day outside, with freezing temperatures. It must have been one of the coldest days of that winter. When I stepped out of the car in order to walk on her driveway, I felt the bitter cold biting my face, making me shiver and sending cold chills down my spine. At home, I did not feel the cold, because our car was parked inside the underground garage. There was not freezing as outside. 

While I was talking to mom, inquiring about her new life there, she mentioned that there was a spa close by, where she would like us to go together. She added that they offered the best Varicose Veins Treatment Rosemere

As much as I would have liked to go there, I had to decline her suggestion. My dentist advised me to avoid any facial treatment at least for a few months, in order to allow my jaw to heal. I had two dental implants and a bone graft done and I did not want to go through any unnecessary pain.

Thus I asked mom to postpone our day at the spa for another month, promising her that I would return during summer and spent a few days with her.