Downsizing - Rebecca Brown

How does one go from a well paid corporate job or a private mortgage lender to being a distributor for some plant based products that he must sell over the internet? 

I recently met with two of my old friends, husband and wife, and I was surprised to find out that they had changed jobs. They had a serious make-over if I could say that. Or a maybe  brainwash-over! All of the sudden, my friends that I know for more than two decades, who have been so serious about their careers, turned into hippies?

They changed completely. From the way the dress, to what they eat, drink or talk. They started on a totally different path from scratch. They have a healthier lifestyle, work less, make less money obviously, but that did not seem to be a concern for them. 

They were telling me that they were thinking of downsizing once more, because their house is way too big for them. They added that it made no sense for them to have a three bedrooms bungalow, while they are using only one bedroom. I wish my wife could have seen them or hear them. Maybe she would have picked up a thing or two.

While I was talking to them about what caused this massive change within their lives, they both answered right away: “Death!” Listening to their answer I feared for a second or two that one of them was sick or that might have contracted an incurable disease. Seeing the confused expression I must have had on my face, they explained that were not sick. They continued saying that one day, they both realized that they were too busy working and they had no time left for themselves or for their hobbies. 

When they started to put more thought into it, they understood that they were spending more than sixty hours working per week. The family time was not what it used to be and they hadn’t been to a movie together in ages. Fearing that they might lose each other, they had a long conversation about their dreams and wishes. At the end of that conversation, they decided that something needed to change. 

Therefore, they started to look at some numbers and see how much they would need in order to live a simple life. Once they decided their monthly budgets, they understood that them both could have let go their jobs and start a small business. They were so brave, if you ask me!