Drama - Rebecca Brown

Now that my daughter is a teenager, she asks for my permission to have a tattoo done at my cousin’s studio. I am not sure that I like the idea of getting her hooked on that kind of stuff. She also asked me if she may have a peeling. I personally prefer a more natural look and try to stay away as much as possible from all this cosmetic nonsense.

Yes, one needs to moisturize the skin and hydrate certain areas more than others, but from that to applying layer after layer of creams, foundation and makeup, it is a BIG step. On my humble opinion, the skin of a teenager does not require maintenance! That is something that women over thirty starts being concerned about.

Teenagers usually have to deal with some pimples due to hormonal changes and that’s it! Luckily, my daughter had only some minor problems with that. Until now! I always insisted that she should use mild cleansers like Cetaphil, or Aveeno in order to prevent it.

I know that her best friend is suffering a lot because of the pimples on her face. I recommended her not to use more than two acne creams. I tried explaining that it will only aggravate the problem and lead to more inflammation, but she did not listen.

This morning I woke up suddenly because I heard her screaming. I jumped out of the bed and rushed to her bedroom. I feared that something terrible must have happened to her. Otherwise why would she scream so loud? I found her in the washroom, staring at her reflection in the mirror, crying.

It took me a minute to understand that she was crying over a pimple. On her forehead there was big bump that developed overnight. I guess that she felt it was the end of her life. Everything tends to be so difficult at this age.

I was extremely tired and all her drama was not helping. I made an effort to comfort her without insisting that she was exaggerating. Then I returned to bed for another ten minutes. I had a big presentation going on later during the day and I needed to be sharp.

When I got out of bed and met my girl in the kitchen I saw she had added a lot of foundation on her skin, trying to hide the bump. I felt bad for her. For this reason I did not lecture her again on her dramatic reaction. I let it be. Today, we have to go for her periodontics in Boisbriand, and that will be enough for the day.