Family reunion

Family reunion - Rebecca Brown

Four days ago, I had to go to Toronto to attend a family reunion. I picked up my toddler from daycare, fed him, prepared my backpack and we were ready to go. His backpack was already done. I learnt this trick from one of my friends who has three kids. It helps a lot. It saves time and useless quarrels about what toys go in, or what colored socks. I just grab it and put it in the car.

We left Montreal around six, and arrived to my brother's place around ten thirty in the night. I stopped on the way at OnRoute, changed baby's diaper, let him walk for couple of minutes and bought some fries. I am not a fan of eating fast-food, or even giving it to my son. Once in a way, in occasion like this, I take a small bag of fries and we share it.

Usually when I have to drive with him for more than an hour, I always have prepared lunch boxes with different types of mini snacks, like pieces of two-three fruits, bites of cheddar cheese, salted crackers, munchies, or rice puffs. After the stop at OnRoute, little P. fell asleep and did not wake up until the following morning.

We had a great time seeing our relatives and spending three days together. We had enough time to do a lot of catching up, gossip about the other relatives who were missing, going for walks, dining out. We took the children to the beach and they had a blast. My son said he wanted to sleep on the beach because at home he had no sand and no lake.

On the way back, I decided to leave earlier. I did not want to hit the traffic and spent one or extra two hours on the road. It happens to me before to get stuck on the 401 Highway and I learnt my lesson.

Thus, we had an early lunch, hugged and kissed everyone, and hit the road. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was enjoying the drive until my son started to cry without any warning. I had to pull over to see what was wrong. He was tired and sleepy but couldn't fall asleep because the sun was bothering him. I looked for a scarf in my luggage, and tied on the handle, stretching its ends towards the upper part of the baby's car seat, in order to prevent him having the sunlight in his eyes. I remembered I wanted to buy a baby awning montreal before leaving, but I forgot. It would have been more useful now than my scarf.

I gave my son his favorite munchies to take his mind of crying, and returned to my seat. My trick worked. Because he was in the shade, in three minutes he fell asleep, and I was able to drive home.