Getting your sensitive materials cut perfectly

Getting your sensitive materials cut perfectly - Rebecca Brown

Using Dies manufacturing is the perfect way to get your materials done and cut in the manner in which you want. These services provide the greatest amount of precision in the way that an object is cut, not only within two dimensions, but also providing them within three. Most of the companies that you would deal with can get as precise as within micrometers of what the specifications asked for. That is truly remarkable.

A lot of the companies use laser guided technology to ensure the cut is precise. Lasers not only can be set for the narrowest of bands, but also ensure that the cut is even and precise every time. It isn’t like a blade where the blade itself can be slightly off each time it is used. The laser is the same every time if you wanted to be.

The one problem with lasers is that it is obviously a heat source. There were some materials that can be slightly scarred or damaged by using a laser. This creates one of the most interesting dilemmas of. Is precision more important to you or do you have to worry about the scarring that may occur as a result of using this kind of CNC cutter. The answer is that you can have both issues resolved by using a waterjet.

This is a special kind of CNC cutter where the work is actually done inside of a water tank. This provides a great deal of benefit for the client for many reasons. First of all, understand that the waterjet can cool the material that’s being cut as it’s being worked on. The temperature of the water can even be set to more rapidly cool the material so that it will not scar.

When this is done the laser can be used without issue. It can make its precision cuts without causing any scarring or damaging to the material, ensuring that the object or material needed comes back as desired.

I know that this has been a great benefit for having the materials we need done in our organization. We have to have glass cut to the most precise measurement imaginable, but cannot afford to have scarring of the glass in any way. The use of the waterjet ensures that that does not happen and gives us the precision we still need. This has been a true lifesaver.