Happy Hanuka!

Happy Hanuka! - Rebecca Brown

Don’t you love it when your child puts you in a delicate or awkward position by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and in most of the cases at the wrong time? Some of the things coming out of their mouth are learnt from the family or close friends. The rest comes from the daycare friends. Sometimes I don't know which is more awful.

Toddlers are like a sponge, they absorbed everything, and they spill out the beans whenever you don't expect them too. Sometimes they seem so focused playing, with their toys or siblings, that you are convinced they don't pay attention to what is happening or what it is said around them. Piece of advice, don't fool yourself, they miss nothing.

Their radar catches registers and stores every single word that comes out of your mouth. It might take a few days until you would hear your kid use it. And when that happens, you are perplexed, wondering where it came from. You are trying to trace back the source, and in the end you realized it’s you that you have to blame for.

What my kid learns from his buddies is beyond my control. All I can do is to explain why it is wrong to use such language and be consistent on correcting it.

For instance, my son addressed his dad today by using the term “dumb ass”. Imagine everyone’s reaction wasn’t positive. This word is learnt it at daycare.

A few weeks earlier, right before Xmas, I had to leave him with my younger brother for a few hours. I had a last minute dental appointment and his daycare was closed. My brother was the only person who could have watched him for the time that I was at the dentist.

Apparently, while my kid was with his uncle, he picked up some interesting words, which we had no idea until the Xmas evening. Later on, when I inquired my brother who did he talked to while his nephew was present; I learnt he had called on Skype two of his friends, which happened to be Jewish.

The Xmas eve, my parents and my family decided to go to church in my car. Thus while I was driving on the Alberta asphalt, my dad thought of asking my son if he knew what do you wish people for Xmas. My little prince answered proudly: “Yes. I know. Happy Hanuka, mofos!” That’s what he heard his uncle saying and he repeated as a parrot.

It was funny and awkward in the same time. I looked in the mirror and saw my dad’s jaw dropping. He was shocked and couldn't find his words. Luckily, my mom’s sense of humour was more developed. She added that maybe we should drive to the synagogue, instead of going to the church.