How My Business Got Rid Of The Mold Trouble

How My Business Got Rid Of The Mold Trouble - Rebecca Brown

While starting my own company in Montreal, searching for the right establishment was quite the task for me. As a new female entrepreneur though, I was quite proud of the way things were going. However, it was later on that I realized that searching for the right place to run my business wasn't the real task; maintaining it was.

At first, it was just small issues; electrical faults, or some leaks here and there. These were easy to sort out, cheap and about an hour's job at the most with the right repairmen. However, it was later on that the real problem come up: mold formation.

As a florist, it was pretty worrying, especially since it started in the room where a majority of the most expensive flowers were stored. As this started spreading, it got even more worrying for me. And this is when my associate came up with the contact info of a service offering best mold removal Montreal, suggesting that I should use this service. She seemed pretty confident about them, as she had used their services earlier.

Nevertheless, I made the call to them, explaining the situation and its urgency. And surprisingly enough, within two hours of the call, their team visited in order to inspect my place. They collected some samples too, explaining how they worked in order to determine what kind of removal was required. I explained to them that I'd need it done as soon as possible, while they assured me of the quickest service.

Within 24 hours, I got a call back from them providing me the details of the kind of mold that had developed, and what would the best treatment. Over the next weekend, I was totally engrossed in managing my customers and making sure that the work was going smoothly, and the people from the mold removal service kept working, without causing any disturbance for me.

For a work that major, I was surprised at how quick they were despite of the extreme thoroughness with which they worked. With a few days, my entire establishment had gotten the treatment, and it was as mold free as perfect as more. And the best part? Their service wasn't that expensive either. For a task so huge, these people were affordable to hire, and guaranteed me of a mold free future ahead. I surely am glad to my associate for bringing these people to my notice and getting such a huge problem solved so easily.