An inappropriate circus

An inappropriate circus - Rebecca Brown

Can you believe that my mother in law just called me old? Wow! I was stunned when I heard her mean remark. This woman is driving me nuts. I don’t think she'll ever step into my house again. I’ll probably ask my husband to have a new access control for home install. Not after the scene she made today in front of my friends, the kids and everyone present.

She had lost it completely. I have been telling my husband that she was acting weird and making strange comments, but he assumed it was not a big deal.

Today when she started talking out loud, everyone was shocked. Hubby could not believe his eyes that his mom was drunk and picking on everyone passing close to her. She made a huge scene when I tried to take the glass out of her hands while asking her to take a seat. She got mad and snapped back at me, calling me an old wrinkled face.

I knew why she had mentioned that! It was because I had refused to take her with me for a wrinkle treatment. When that happened, I explained to her that I had nothing against paying for her treatment, but I wished to go on a different occasion. I simply did not seem fit for both of us to go there together, as if we were best friends having a day out, going to the spa together.

Me and her, we were never friends. Relatives only on paper. I have nothing to do with that crazy woman. Until tonight I had some respect for her because she was my husband’s mother. After the way she behaved on her granddaughters’ birthday party, she lost even that tiny winy bit of respect I had for her.

She ruined the whole party. She embarrassed her son and made the girls cry and run to their room. This day should have been memorable for them for all the good reasons, not because their grandma could not stay away from liquor.

They don’t want to go to school or face their friends after having their grandmother destroying the party and acting like a crazy person. Imagine the gossips they will have to deal with at school. I had to spend three hours on the phone with the parents of their friends, explaining what happened and apologizing for having their children exposed to such an inappropriate situation. It was circus. Two of the parents told me that they wouldn’t allow their kids to come over to my house for playdates or sleep overs. My daughters were crushed.