A man’s brain

A man’s brain - Rebecca Brown

When I was young, I heard my mother saying countless times, that a man's brain was wired differently. I didn't understand what she meant by that, until I got married and had my first born.

When I was a teenager, or later on in college, when I was dating, it still didn't make sense to me. But as wisdom comes with age, after I gave birth, I knew exactly what she was saying. It was a sort of revelation.

One month after Lin’s birth, I was going through a bad postnatal depression. The lack of sleep and the baby's constant crying drained me. I was exhausted and I needed help. Each time I asked my husband to help me, he seemed to take forever. For example, when I asked him to give a bath to the baby, he said he was doing it right away. But that took more than fifteen minutes, which was very annoying. 

When you sleep two or three hours per day, everything is annoying. Our baby meant the world to me, thus, it was hard for me to understand what could be more important to my hubby than helping me with our son.

Therefore, after waiting for him to come downstairs and wash the baby, I went to his office room to see what was keeping him so busy. When I entered the room, he was watching something on YouTube, a video about cnc cutting.

I got upset that he took so long, and he didn't think about me, that I needed rest. I placed the baby in his arms, and told him that I was taking the night off. Two minutes later, when I was lying in bed, he came to ask how to bathe the child. He had given baths to the baby before, but he was still asking for instructions.

I had to tell him in detail what he had to do. From how to hold our newborn, how to test the temperature of the water, to how to dress the baby.

Obviously, he felt I was nagging him, when I was telling him he had to put cream on the baby or to ensure that baby was not getting cold during the bath.

Later on, when I asked him to take our son to the park, he put him in the stroller and simply left. It never crossed his mind that he had to take water, milk, munches, diapers, wet wipes, etc.

On each of these situations, my mom's words came to my mind.