Men and their love for gadgets

Men and their love for gadgets - Rebecca Brown

My husband has been bugging me for a while to get an automated alarm system. I never saw the point of his request. Both of us we are always at home. We do not travel abroad. We don’t go away out of the city.

Basically the only times we leave the house is when we go for a walk, do groceries or have a doctor’s appointment.

Not to mention that he have two big dogs living with us. When you have dogs, there is no need to worry about people breaking in. I think everyone in our neighbourhood knows us and our dogs. No one would be foolish enough to try to steal anything.

Our dogs are well trained but if they would be home alone, in our absence they would not hurt an intruder. They would only ensure he wouldn’t go anywhere until we would be back home and deal with him.

Each time when I tried to understand why my husband was so keen on getting this system, I reached the same conclusion: he was bored and needed  new toys. Yes, big boys, or old boys still play with toys. ‚Ä®Haven’t you notice that all men love their gadgets? That they would spend a crazy amount of hours going through the settings of one device, playing with it? I guess it gives them a feeling of accomplishment or something similar. Otherwise I won’t be able to understand what they get out of it. It’s way beyond my comprehension.

I don’t have the patience for anything like this. In my case, if a gadget is not working the way I need it to work, I will rapidly replace it with something that does the job. Call me a waster, I don’t care. I want things to work smoothly exactly when I need them, not half an hour later.

Don’t imagine I am neurotic or that I loose it when things don’t go as planned. Oh, no! I simply put my coat on and I go shopping. That clears my mind and gives me an opportunity to update my skills.

I guess that I will end up buying this system for him and or at least agree to it and let him do the purchase. Thus he would enjoy his time going to the shop and staying there for a while comparing products and prices. I am sure he will fill in the details when he’d be back home.