Men! - Rebecca Brown

Men can be stronger than women when it comes to lifting heavier weights, getting their asses kicked or having a higher endurance to effort. But when it comes to pain, they are all babies. A woman can bear giving birth to a child, while a man would never be able to have such a high tolerance to pain. 

Actually, men tend to make a fuss about almost anything when they are sick or they had a surgery done. Let’s take a look at one of my friends who had two of his wisdom teeth removed within the same time. Jeez! He acted as if he was dying, or something like that. Each ten minutes he was panicking. His poor wife had to treat him the same way she treats all of their five kids. 

Yes, that woman went five times through the whole giving birth experience, but I never heard her saying how miserable it was. She did it and that’s it. Her husband, on the other hand, was traumatized. Not because the pain was intolerable, but because he was worrying for no reason.

He behaved as a toddler in a middle of a tantrum when his wife told him he had to let her drive his brand new car. He had no problem with her driving their van, but not the car. Anyway, that’s another issue.

The hours following the teeth extraction, he asked her to call the dentist office and see why was he bleeding so much. She told him it was a normal thing to bleed and insisted on him keeping the same gauze on the missing tooth at least for one hour before changing it.
She had read all the instructions given by the dentist and she was respecting them thoroughly, trying to ease her hubby’s pain. He was not feeling well and couldn’t read it, nor remember the advice given by the dentist. He kept on bugging her the whole day, as if he was on his dying bed. It is true that he bled a bit more than one would regularly do, but he did everything the wrong way, just because he wouldn’t listen.

How do I know all this? I witnessed it with my own eyes. I spend couple of hours there, helping one of their kids with a school project. Marla, the little one is my favorite. Even her, she said that her dad was acting as a baby. 

Once I was done with Marla, I was supposed to go with her mom  have a Face Skin Care Rosemere.Unfortunately we were not able to go there on time and we had to reschedule it for the following Saturday.