My grandson is here!

My grandson is here! - Rebecca Brown

Last night, I was up all night. I am awake for close to forty hours now. Thank God for the energy drinks, otherwise I would not have been able to stay awake for so long. I did not intend to! My daughter went into labor and I was not going to let her in the hospital, go home and sleep! 

Poor her, she was in labor for almost eight hours! She was exhausted and the baby was tired as well. There was a moment when I thought we lost him. While I was holding my daughter’s hand, I started to pray, as we needed a miracle.

Well, a few moments later ,that little miracle came to greet us. He was all red, wrinkled and too tired to cry. As soon as the doctor put him on his mother’s chest and he felt her skin and her touch, he stretched his arms as if he was trying to hug her face. It was such a touching moment!

Once the nurses and the doctor left the room and the baby was peacefully sleeping into the small clear plastic bed next to his mother’s bed, I told my daughter she needed to sleep as well. I knew that she did not want to leave her son. out of her sight. I reassured her that nothing would happen to him. That I would keep an eye on him and I would give him the milk he needed. The nurses were there to help and everything was going to be just fine. 

As soon as she rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, she fell asleep. I moved my chair next to her bed and my grandson’s hospital crib and watched him breathing. Such an amazing sight! I stood there in awe, contemplating God’s perfect creation, praying for both of them. 

A few minutes later, a nurse walked in. She smiled at me and then checked something on the monitors. She had a look at the baby and caressed his little head covered by the beige hospital hat. 

My daughter woke up after three hours. Her first reaction was to turn and check for the baby. As I was seated on the futon across the room, she could not see that little A. was in my arms. She had turned to her left and saw that the baby’s bed was empty. Within a second she came into sitting position, her eyes looking desperately for her son throughout the room. She had freaked out. She calmed down when I talked and told her I had him and he was fine. I handed him to her, placing him into her arms, then I went back to reading my article about the car rental Toronto.