My resolution for 2018

My resolution for 2018 - Rebecca Brown

I guess my illness affected me more than I was able to admit. I thought I can do it without the meds but I was wrong. My husband was right to tell me I had to go back on taking my pills. I had a look at my recent behaviours and I realized I have been acting strange. Also my symptoms increased. I have more mood swings, my sight get worse, the burning never leaves me and I can’t sleep well. I always feel bloated even if I barely eat something. Not to mention my migraine came back. I have to change something otherwise things will only get worse.

In the past three months I have been waking up around 3 A.M. or 4 A.M. without being able to fall asleep again. I have tried taking herbal remedies for insomnia and sleep disturbances but it did not help.

My physician told me that my newly developed sleep problem may be due to stress. When he asked me what was bothering me the most, I was not able to pinpoint it. We have been through a lot of chances this year. Emotional, financial, physical and personal. I couldn’t say which one bothered the most  because I did not know where to start. So many things went wrong this year, that it was practical impossible to think of only one and say that was the main culprit for my source of stress.

My resolution for 2018 is taking care of my health. That’s my number one priority. The rest can’t wait. I don’t give a damn if the roof has to be replaced, car breaks down or my superior doesn’t like the idea that I need to take half of Fridays off.

My health values much more than anything. I finally learnt not to postpone medical issues. If I am not well, I can’t function, care for the kids or even work. I need to be well. I can’t afford going back to the hospital for five days or being sick and slouching on the couch. My family needs me.

I also need to do more exercise. I recently read an article saying that spirochetes can be killed by a higher level of oxygen within the blood. That article determined me to register for that small group training that I have been thinking of, but always postponed.