Probably, the worst news

Probably, the worst news - Rebecca Brown

Once I week I check my Facebook account and check what is going on with my friends. I rarely post something. Most of the times, I like some posts or share others. Today I was shocked to see that one of my dear friends, that I have not talked to in around half an year, was going through a terrible crisis. 

Two years ago, she and her husband, along with their three minor children decided to move abroad. Apparently in the past year, things changed between them. Now they reached a moment when they can not stand each other. I am not sure what is the root cause of this issue, but the painful truth is that she is being held abroad with her kids, by her husband. 

According to the Panamanian law, she needs him to sign a paper that he agrees for her to leave with the children. 

Obviously that he refused and a whole drama was created. My dear friend appealed the American Embassy and asked for their help, but she was turned off. They told her that she had to get his signature in order to be able to leave the country with her kids. 

From what I understood, she had tried on several occasions to reason with her husband but nothing changed. He wished to remain living within the country and out of spite, he didn’t allow her to leave. He is not even involved in raising their three children. He had moved out of their house eight months ago. In addition to that, he is not providing anything to for his family. She has no financial support from him. Not to mention that he had emptied their joint account at one of the local banks.

Who would have guessed that her man would turn into such a terrible person? Thus, for the moment, my friend and her kids are stuck abroad. She decided on share her story online, hoping that someone would be able to help her get back to Colorado, where her family is.

At the time I read her posting and saw her little video where she is telling her story, crying and asking for help, she was not online. I wrote her a long message and offered to help anyway I could. I shared her posting on my Facebook page a well, praying that somehow, a miracle would happen and she would get back home. 

Later during the day, while I was going to drop my Sail awnings for terrace longueuil in order to have them fixed, I could not stop thinking of those three little angels she was raising. They had no fault in all this craziness.