The School

The School - Rebecca Brown

Before being transferred to a new school as a principal, I had to take care of a lot of things. I was not at all aware of the conditions of the new place where I was transferred by the government. I used to work as a high school teacher in the city, but I got my transfer to a school in a village as principal. They were paying me well and I was happy about that.

It was a fine village but there was too much dust in the area. I spent my night in the apartment and went to visit the school the next day. My assistant and the school's teachers welcomed me warmly. I was happy to be at my new place. But I was not happy with the dust part.

I visited the entire school and finally decided to take the help of the services of air quality testing Montreal. I had an access to internet, so I searched a lot of companies that were providing their services in the area. I finally found a firm and called them at once. I actually wanted to conduct an audit of the school's air quality because I wanted to ensure that the children and teachers were working in a safe and clean environment.

The team conducted the search with the help of their equipment and then provided the audit report to me. The report showed that a lot of work needed to be done at the school. The environment was almost deadly for students and the people working there. So, I asked them to start working on the project the next day.

The team took an entire week for the cleaning of the school. They made use of air conditioning units, dust collection units and several other air quality ensuring systems.

I was quite satisfied with their work. They did not work on the dust collection, but they checked out the drainage systems and the garbage system of the entire school.

The school had a new look when they completed the work. It was one of the best things I did to the school and I was really content with it. I am looking forward to bring certain other changes in the system of the school. Meanwhile, I am mainly focusing on the cleanliness of the place for ensuring the best indoor working environment.