Shocking news

Shocking news - Rebecca Brown

Last year my sister married the man of her life and moved to Boisbriand. Although she did not live that far from the city, we could not see each other as often as we would have liked or we used to do before. Despite the fact we often tried to free our schedules and meet at least once per week, it was almost impossible. We tried to make up for it by talking on the phone weekly.

Even that did not work out as planned.

Both of us had a tough year. I changed two jobs and had three cars accidents that drained my budget and made my car insurance go higher. But that’s another story. Hopefully this year will be better.

Yeah, 2016 was not one of the greatest of years. I guess that the only positive thing that kept me going and helped me find my motivation was my daughter. Seeing her smiling and being happy provided me the energy and strength I needed to go on. 

To get back to my sister’s story, in less than a year from her wedding, she is filing her divorce.

How is that possible? Well, apparently everything is possible.

After discovering that her beloved husband was cheating on her for months and catching him in bed, with his mistress, her fairy tale romance was done. She asked him to move out the same day. Because she wanted to make sure he was taking her seriously, she had the locks changed the following day.

Next, she packed his bags and dumped them in the garage. In order to avoid a scene, she left him a note on the front door and drove to Ottawa for the weekend.

The day all this madness took place, her husband was scheduled for a Dental surgery Boisbriand. When he returned from the dentist, he could not enter the house. Imagine it was not a pretty sight.

Three weeks later, when my sister confessed to me the whole thing, I could not believe that she had gone through this all by herself, without mentioning a word to me or anyone else. I felt guilty for not being there for her. I was shocked to hear the details of her heartbreaking story. Never in a million year, wouldn’t I have thought that my brother in law, who always adored his wife, would be able to cheat on her.

We like to believe that bad things can’t happen to us, that crazy stories happen only in the movies. I tell you that life is the craziest scenario ever written.