Spring is here!

Spring is here! - Rebecca Brown

15 degrees! That’s what my outdoors thermometer showed this morning. And it’s supposed to go even higher during the afternoon. I can’t explain how much I love listening to the birds’ chirp and cook in my sunbathed kitchen with the sliding door open. Oh, spring, how much I missed you! I have been waiting for you for quite some time. I hope you are here to stay for a while, to warm up my old bones and allow me to restart my walks.

Now that is definitely warmer and the rain finally stopped, I think it will be a good time to start the clean up. I will start with the basement and clean my way up to the bedrooms. It might take me a week to finish this task, but I am up for it. I will take my time, do it at my own pace. I am not in a hurry. 

Wisdom comes with age, see? I learnt not to get myself exhausted within the first hours and then be sick for an entire week. I used to rush to do things, neglect my health, ignore the warning signs given by my body, and be miserable, suffering the consequences of my foolishness. 

Not once I had to stay in bed for three days or more, just because I thought I was still able to move things around the house or work without interruption for three hours. Now I know better. I am done with multitasking and the obsession of having everything done within a day. It could be done, I am not saying no; but at what cost?

The best thing is to take it easy, plan solving one issue per day, maximum two. For example, today I will clean only the basement’s windows and sort some of my bills. I need to find the receipt from the storage quebec before I submit my tax file to the accountant.

Tomorrow, I’ll go through half of the boxes with old clothes and see what I can give to the Salvation Army and what I need to keep. Throughout the years, I bought and bought so much clothing articles, that I ended up with a basement half filled with clothes. I guess deep down inside there’s a little old hoarder, whispering that I need them all. 

The only problem is that I won’t be able to go drop them myself, I will have to ask my grand daughter to give me a hand on this one. My doctor suggested not to drive until I get rid of the floaters bothering my eyes.