The teenage years

The teenage years - Rebecca Brown

I am worried that I am loosing the connection I have with one of my daughters. I know teenage years are hard for a child, but they are even harsher for a grown-up, who has to put up with a teenager and all his drama. My sweet little princess turned out into a yelling machine. We reached the point where we can not have a simple conversation without having her roll her eyes, raise her voice or slam a door. I am surprised that the door of her bedroom is still standing! 

I used to be a teenager as well, but I was not like that. There were different times, of course, but I still having some common sense. My daughter is drifting away from me, from us and I feel helpless. Whenever I open my mouth and I try to talk to her, it ends up in a fight. Whatever I say seems to trigger a negative reaction. 

I inquired my friends who have teenage daughters on how were they coping with their offsprings, but it seemed like I was the only one with a daughter who was getting out of control. Somedays I just feel sending to a boot camp. Honestly, I am out of ideas. I don’t know what else to do with her. I am afraid that one day she will do something stupid and I will regret it for the rest of my life. There are so many bad things happening to kids nowadays. There is a risk at any corner: drugs, violence, abduction, etc. 

I have tried to get my husband more involved in her life, but that’s nearly impossible. Given that he’s working on the Hybrid system Markhamand he’s at home only a few days per week, it does not help. I suggested to him to drop this project, explaining that our daughter is the number one priority at this moment, but he did not see things the same way as me. He simply said that I am overreacting and that she was just going through a phase. He really believes that things would get better if I would allow her a bit more freedom. 

I personally think that he is way off. She does not need more freedom. She has it already. I allow her to go out, see her friends, go for moves, have sleepovers, go camping with the school. I never restricted her too much. On my opinion, that’s where I went wrong. I allowed her too many things and she took them for granted.